Gabriola Guitars - Philosophy

My guitar building approach is a continuation of the Spanish tradition. I strive to achieve an ideal relationship between a balanced sound, projection, tonal beauty, appealing appearance, and ease of play. I use traditional methods to attain this.

I use the finest materials available. I have an excellent supply of well seasoned tonewood from which to choose. I am able to obtain much of this from locally salvaged sources. Materials are chosen for: tonal qualities, beauty, strength, and stability.

I choose French polish as a finish primarily because it has the least detrimental effect on the sound and is the finish that is associated with the finest classical and flamenco guitars. Also, it is the least environmentally damaging and is very easy to restore if necessary.

My practice is to make each guitar based on the needs of the individual player. Many factors influence the overall outcome of the guitar. Specific characteristics can be tailored to meet the player's unique requirements through choice of materials, size, scale length, fingerboard width, and spacing at the bridge.

Each instrument is meant to convey the results of combining the needs of the player with my vision as a builder along with the materials and tradition that went into making the instrument.

Custom orders welcomed.